How it Works? is a marketplace for services starting at $5. All services at are provided at a fixed price. You won't pay a penny more.

Sign Up

Signing up is free and you can sign up at here. You need to sign up before you can buy/sell services.

After signing up, we will send you a registration email, you will need to click the activation link provided in it, to activate your account. If you couldn't receive the registration email, you can request to resend, or you can contact us for help.

How to Buy?

First, browse the services list, categories or tags pages, to find your desired services. Some services allow you to buy more than one at a time, you can change the quantity by clicking plus or minus button at service page. Then simply click "Buy Now" to make your purchase.

After successful payment, you will need to submit the information required by seller, so that he can start the job.

Note: purchases are subject to a processing fee, which is $0.5 for purchases up to $10 and 5% for purchases above $10.

How to Sell?

After signing up, you can post your services, when it's approved, it will be visible for buyers.

When your service is purchased, communicate with buyer and send complete work at last. charges 20% of the order price. accredits sellers after order is complete, sellers then can withdraw it.